Kiwi Leadership Network USA Launch & Leadership Speaker Evening

Save the date for the Kiwi Leadership Network USA’s official launch event on November 10, 2018 at 6pm at the Official New Zealand Residence in Los Angeles. Former NZ Tennis Professional and 1983 Wimbledon Finalist Chris Lewis will be one of the speakers at the event.

“The Kiwi Leadership Network USA is a 501c3 non profit set up to help New Zealanders in the United States succeed and reach their potential. The Kiwi Leadership Network USA purpose is to inspire, assist and support the growth of New Zealanders in the United States through educational, social and cultural activities and opportunities.”

“We know first hand how hard it can be to move to a new country and how important it is to connect with people who can help you along the way. Having built professions and careers over a period of time, we also strongly believe in the power of connecting people with similar and complementary ideas and expertise, because we know this is when doors can open and great things can happen,” as stated on the official website.

The network will be focused in four main areas including organizing in-person events such as leadership speaking events, creating video interviews and profiles, collating a central of useful information, insights, existing resources and networks as well as develop educational scholarships and opportunities for New Zealanders in the United States.

World-renowned virologist and New Zealand Legend Robert G Webster is one of the advisors of the Network.

For further information please click here.

Article Source: New Zealand Newsletter, Geoff Andrews, September 2018

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