iZombie and Rose McIver Still Winning Fans

Season three of the “enjoyable series” iZombie, “an adaptation of the DC Comic of the same name and starring New Zealand-born actress Rose McIver, 28, has continued to get the basics right while expanding the narrative,” the Australian reports.

“McIver plays Liv Moore, formerly a high-achieving young doctor with a bright future and now a zombie trying to keep a semblance of ordinary life. (In this iteration, zombies are capable of moving at normal speed and passing as human so long as they eats brains from time to time.)

“The twist in the tale is that when Liv eats brains from the recently deceased, she takes on their personality traits and memories, facilitating a crime-of-the-week.

“This season has explored bigger narrative arcs including Seattle’s first zombie mayor; zombie paramilitaries working for a firm called Fillmore-Graves; the involvement of the Centres for Disease Control and something called the Aleutian flu. (Some fans have complained that there is too much going on to keep track; again, a positive contrast to The Walking Dead where nothing different ever seems to happen.)

“Pleasingly, the show has been renewed for a fourth season.”

McIver is originally from Auckland.

Original article by The Australian, June 27, 2017.

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