Invivo Launches World’s First Winery Airline

Before the pandemic halted in-flight booze service aboard a majority of airplanes, airplane drinks used to be something many passengers looked forward to. With select airlines slowly bringing that service back, New Zealand-based winery Invivo is kicking things up a notch, Caitlyn Hitt writes for Thrillist, calling itself a “winery airline” – a first in the industry.

Invivo has plans to operate a plane route from Auckland to Queenstown. According to a press release, the first flight will take place “in early 2022” with 34 guests travelling aboard a chartered Saab plane, Hitt reports.

The winery airline will provide passengers with a day of planned experiences in Queenstown, including a visit to the Central Otago vineyards.

Co-founder Tim Lightbourne said: “Running a flight to the South Island is a way that we can show the public the country is open again for domestic tourism, and at the same time support some of those who have had a particularly tough time of it.”

Original article by Caitlyn Hitt, Thrillist, December 23, 2021.

Photo by Apolo Photographer.

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