Gimblett’s workspace

Auckland photographer John Savage and Auckland-born New York painter Max Gimblett have collaborated on a book from Italian art publisher Charta about Gimblett’s studio and home on The Bowery. The book was launched at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York. Lumiere reviewer Andy Palmer says that Max Gimblett Workspace “does what few art books do. It shows us the private life of the art/artist, the life that happens away from the gallery wall. You can see the documentary photographer’s eye at play here, looking for those images that will create and develop a story. Gimblett has lived overseas since 1959, and yet there are numerous reminders of New Zealand (various tiki, cushions, a signed cricket bat leaning against the wall, a Four Square Man apron) amongst the objects, tools and materials. As a complement to the photography, expat Kiwi academic Jenni Quilter offers a beautiful and insightful text that fills out Gimblett’s story and helps make sense of the photos without really discussing them directly. From Quilter we get taken back into these spaces on an emotional/intellectual level, as she describes the inhabitants of the space, the influences at play on the space, and the works made in the space and how they all feed each other.” Gimblett is currently exhibiting at the Japan Society in New York in a collaboration with Lewis Hyde, Oxherding.

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