Gibbs’ Next Generation of Fast Amphibians

After bringing “three fast amphibian concepts to the American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, Fla.”, Gibbs Amphibians is “hoping to find to find a partner that would build the vehicles under license”, as reported in an article on Fast Amphibians.

The new concepts are a two-wheeler named the Biski, a three-wheeler labelled Triski, and the Terraquad, a side-by-side four wheeler.

  1. The Biski, a two wheel amphibian that is capable of 80 mph on land and 37 mph on water is attracting the most attention of the three new concepts according to the article as it “could be sold as a road-legal vehicle in the U.S. market.”
  2. The Triski uses a turbocharged two-cylinder engine producing 135 horsepower on water, which is one of the most significant differences to the popular Quadski.
  3. The Terraquad tackles possible stability issues for one single rider with a new feature: its steering wheel can be moved to either side or the middle. The Terraquad is capable of 50 mph on land and 45 in the water.

Just like all other Gibbs amphibians, the three new concepts can transition between water and land.

Gibbs Amphibians was founded by New Zealand-born Alan Gibbs and pioneers high-speed amphibious vehicle technologies.

Article Source: Fast Amphibians, Bryan Laviolette, November 3, 2015

Image Source: Twitter – McAms

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