ANZ Introduces Digital Human Assistant

“If you are an ANZ Bank customer, chances are that your queries will be answered by ‘Jamie,’ the latest ‘Customer Services Officer’” and the bank’s new Digital Assistant, writes Venkat Raman in an article on Indian Newslink.

Jamie “has been programmed to answer at least 30 most-frequently asked questions” and is on trial at

To create Jamie, “ANZ partnered with ‘Soul Machines,’ a New Zealand technology company, known worldwide for humanising artificial intelligence”. She is “brought to life using Soul Machines’ world-leading Human Computing Engine (HCE), a virtual nervous system modelled on the way the human brain and nervous system work.”

“The HCE allows Jamie to express personality and character in a human-like way,” reports the article.

“While we know that many of our customers love connecting through our existing digital channels, we have been talking face-to-face a lot longer than we’ve been using small screens,” said ANZ Digital & Transformation Manager Liz Maguire.

“Soul Machines Chief Business Officer Greg Cross said that ‘Project Jamie’ enabled his company to understand some of the benefits that could be delivered to the customers of ANZ, including the fact that they can talk to somebody immediately.”

“How we move forward will be guided by what our customers and staff tell us they want. We are excited to show Jamie to more of our customers and get their feedback,” said Maguire.

Article Source: Indian Newslink, Venkat Raman, July 12, 2018

Image Source: Twitter – ANZ New Zealand

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