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From Brian Sweeney, publisher, NZEDGE.COM | 09 March 2021 | #412 | New York
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Arts | Atlas Obscura
28 January 2021
Trapped in Museums for Centuries, Maori Ancestors Are Coming Home
Writing for Atlas Obscura, Ye Charlotte Ming has taken an in-depth look at the ongoing process of repatriation of Maori remains from international museums, quoting poet and musician Hinemoana Baker, researcher Amber Aranui and Te Arikirangi Mamaku, who has been…

Media | Adweek
05 March 2021
Special Group Delivers for Uber Eats at Super Bowl
In just about every Super Bowl, there are ads – and, by extension, an agency or two – that come out of nowhere and make a splash, Doug Zanger…
Rugby | Guardian (The)
04 March 2021
Spectacularly Good Dan Carter Calls it Quits
“News of Dan Carter’s retirement [from professional rugby] sends me back to that match, the second Test against the British and Irish Lions at Wellington in 2005,…
Rugby | Guardian (The)
03 March 2021
All Blacks Face Hosts in Blockbuster ‘23 Cup Opener
“The 2023 Rugby World Cup will open on a Friday night in Paris when France, the hosts, take on New Zealand, at the very least the…
Media | Washington Times
28 February 2021
War Correspondent Kate Webb Subject in New Book
Vietnam was less quagmire and more a crucible for more than 468 women accredited reporters during a war where lives and deaths could never be measured by…
General | AFP
28 February 2021
Christchurch Has Come Long Way Since Deadly Quake
Christchurch had survived earthquakes before, but the seismic jolt that hit on February 22, 2011, had a shallow epicentre of just 5km on a previously…
Writers | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
27 February 2021
US Production Company Snaps Up Meg Mason Book
“The production company behind movies such as 12 Years a Slave, Gone Girl and Bohemian Rhapsody has snapped up” the film and TV rights for Foxton-born…
Business | Forbes
26 February 2021
Jaimee Lupton’s Haircare Brand Monday Gets Global
The brainchild of New Zealand-based beauty entrepreneur Jaimee Lupton, Monday Haircare made its stateside debut this month debut at Target and…
Music | NME
25 February 2021
Six60 Play World’s Only Stadium Tour
They’re currently the planet’s biggest touring band, putting on huge shows in their COVID-free homeland, NME reports. In his own words, Six60’s frontman, Matiu Walters, told the…
Media | Stuff
24 February 2021
Lucy Blakiston’s Insta Page Hugely Popular
Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon and Chrissy Teigen are just some of the followers of Lucy Blakiston’s Instagram…
Film & TV | Hindu (The)
23 February 2021
Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan Fronts Tough as Nails
Over the last two decades, Phil Keoghan has mostly led a nomadic life, Praveen Sudevan writes for The Hindu. As the host of The Amazing Race, a…
General | Guardian (The)
21 February 2021
What If the UK Had Shut as Quickly as NZ?
“The UK’s physical isolation sets it apart from its continental neighbours, but could its island status have protected it from the full horror of Covid-19, had it closed…
Taste | Financial Times
20 February 2021
Chef Analiese Gregory Revels in Tasmanian Wild
New Zealand-born chef Analiese Gregory, 36, tells the Financial Times “why she turned her back on the world’s chicest restaurants to set up home – and a…
Film & TV
19 February 2021
Stunt Royal Zoë Bell Embracing Collaboration
It’s been 20 years since New Zealander Zoë Bell arrived in Los Angeles, where she soon took her stunt double career to another level. The Waiheke Island-native…
Visual Arts
18 February 2021
LA Gallery Owner Blown Away by Emma McIntyre
Auckland-born artist Emma McIntyre’s first show out of New Zealand, ‘Pour plenty on the worlds’, is now on in Los Angeles at Chris Sharp Gallery, the new…
Music | Guardian (The)
17 February 2021
Singer Sarah Mary Chadwick Says It All on New Album
On the launch of her new album, Me and Ennui Are Friends, Baby, New Zealand-born Melbourne-based singer Sarah Mary Chadwick “interrogates the…
Film & TV | Hollywood Reporter
16 February 2021
There’s Extreme Tension Coming Home in the Dark
“The enormity of nature hits you like a freight train in the early scenes of [New Zealander] James Ashcroft’s taut and sinewy first feature, Coming…
General | Spinoff (The)
15 February 2021
New Zealanders in Wintry Berlin Cope with Covid
Artist Ruth Buchanan is one of a number of New Zealanders “holed up” in Berlin, “in the middle of a long, dreary Covid winter”. Former DJ Emma Jean…
Media | BBC
11 February 2021
Sun Journalist Dan Wootton Heads to GB News
Lower Hutt-born Dan Wootton, 37, the Sun journalist who broke the story of “Megxit”, is leaving to present a daily show on GB News and write for Mail Online, Amol…
Architecture | Stuff
10 February 2021
Exeloo Named America’s Best Public Toilet
The West Auckland-designed and manufactured Exeloo unit was named top toilet at the inaugural Best Restroom in America awards, which were held in November, Esther Taunton…
New Zealand | CNN
09 February 2021
Tourism NZ Pleads End to Socially-Influenced Pics
New Zealand is really bored of your Instagram posts, Rob Picheta writes for CNN. The country has launched a new tourism campaign, urging travellers to…
Writers | New York Times (The)
07 February 2021
Elizabeth Knox’s The Absolute Book Wry and Precise
New Zealand author Elizabeth Knox’s 2019 novel, The Absolute Book, is reviewed alongside UK-based Everina Maxwell’s Winter’s Orbit, by…
Film & TV | NME
05 February 2021
Comedian Rose Matafeo’s 2021 is Shaping Up
With an acclaimed romcom, one-off HBO special and a new sitcom out this year, 2021 is looking good for New Zealand-born rising comic, Rose Matafeo, who is based in the…
New Zealand | Grazia
04 February 2021
Grazia Publishes Daniel Ido’s Take on Auckland
From the smell of the sea to mountainous ranges, there is no secret Auckland is a unique city. Drawing inspiration from his hometown, US-based Grazia guest…
Sport General | Guardian (The)
03 February 2021
Fifa Exec Sarai Bareman Understands the Margins
From her time as a player on the Samoan women’s national team to becoming deputy secretary general of the tiny Oceania Football Confederation, few people…
New Zealand | Back Packing
29 January 2016
The 7 Most Stunning Lakes in New Zealand
In a blog post Matt – self-proclaimed Adventurer, Instagrammer and New Zealand travel planning expert – featured seven of New Zealand most stunning lakes…
New Zealand | Vancouver Sun (The)
09 February 2011
Queenstown Todo
As the brochures boast: “Whether you crave adventure daily, or just like to have your pants scared off occasionally, you will find what you are looking for” in Queenstown…
Nature | Washington Post
25 January 2006
Environmental No.1
NZ leads the world in environmental performance according to the Pilot 2006 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) released at the World Economic…
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