Tom Hudson Showcases Rare Plants in Cornwall

The recent Rare Plant Fair at Tregrehan Garden in Cornwall is important for Britain’s horticultural heritage. The 8-hectare garden at Tregrehan is one of the finest in the country and is the home of Tom and Jo Hudson. New Zealand-born Tom inherited Tregrehan from the Carlyon side of his family who have lived there since 1565.

Hudson moved to Cornwall in 1987 and quickly set about transforming the garden and its already extensive collection of rare trees and shrubs into what he now describes as “a living showcase of plants from all the warm temperate zones in the world growing in as natural way as possible”.

The plant fair at Tregrehan has become a Chelsea Fringe-style event where gardeners, growers and buyers come together. Established for a few years now, it attracts visitors from Europe as well as plant-lovers from all over Britain.

Hudson is a contributing author of Gardening on the Edge: Drawing on the Cornwall Experience.

Original article by Tom Petherick, The Telegraph, May 31, 2017.

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