Singapore Home with New Zealand Sense of Space

The Singapore apartment of New Zealander Richard Lee and his wife Priscilla Chong was reconfigured to suit their needs, let in plenty of light and maximise views of the sea.

Lee and Chong bought the four-bedroom condominium in East Coast in 2015.

“It was over 30 years old and showing its age. The layout was very compartmentalised and closed-in, and it did not take advantage of the sea view or the spacious balcony,” Lee says.

The couple wanted to open up the spaces to maximise views, let more natural light into the apartment and enhance cross-ventilation.

Despite having lived in Singapore since 2008, Lee is still accustomed to the space he enjoys in his New Zealand home that is surrounded by a large expanse of land.

“While our Singapore home has more of a city character that provides a great balance to our home in New Zealand, it is nice to be able to feel a sense of space even in a smaller home,” he says. “Opening up the original rooms, letting in more light and capitalising on the views definitely did wonders.”

Original article by Lynn Tan, The Straits Times, November 3, 2017.

Photo by Lim Yi Ling.

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