Paraparaumu Paradise

“For a small country, New Zealand has surfeit of coastline: over 9,400 miles of it, more than the contiguous United States (which has roughly 5,000), and enough to allow — in theory at least —more than 11 feet of coastline for every New Zealander…” This June’s Dwell takes a look at “Beach Houses We Love,” and in particular, New Zealand “baches,” humble and uncomplicated vacation homes that dot the bountiful coastline of the island nation. In recent years, some so-called “baches” have evolved into ostentatious palaces, but architect Gerald Parsonson is intent on bringing the style back to basics. “We didn’t like the idea of these beautiful dune-lands having big suburban houses on them that were desensitized to the environments,” said Parsonson. His bach in Paraparaumu (which graces the cover of Dwell and is the subject of a 10-page spread) is a sprawling abode with just the right amount of comfort and modernity, without being too extravagant. Using the beautiful New Zealand coastal environment as inspiration, Parsonson designed a house for his family (wife Kate and their three sons) that includes three bedrooms, a separate building with a guest room, a boat shed, and bunk room — all with magnificent views of the ocean and Kapiti Island. Keeping the essence of a true bach, the house is understated and elegant, the perfect home away from home.

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