Papery puns

Rangitikei artist Andrew Reilly has turned bull dung into paper, “perfect,” reflects Guardian blogger Roy Greenslade “for publishing bullshit”. After harvesting the dung, Reilly soaks it in water for a fortnight, explaining that there is fibre inside from grass that bulls don’t process. He then sieves the waste from the fibre, cooks it in a caustic solution, puts it out to dry and hey presto paper. Reilly discovered an affinity for paper-making during studies towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whanganui UCOL. In his research, he found different cultures were making paper from many fibrous materials including kangaroo poo, wombat faeces and elephant manure. Reilly hopes the bull paper will be a hit with tourists or backpackers, who may be looking for a quirky gift. It’s also proven popular with those looking for an original, handmade effect. “I have had people who have bought it not because it’s bullshit, because they think it’s beautiful,” Reilly says.

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