Notes For the Animals

Christchurch-born soprano Hayley Westenra, 24, talks to the Daily Mail’s Jon Wilde about hiring Victoria Beckham’s minder to deal with stalkers and reaching notes only animals can hear. “Certain animals will prick up their ears when they hear [this particular note],” Westenra said. “Dogs seem particularly responsive. I was recording one album in Salisbury and there was a family of llamas next door. There were certain notes that nobody in the studio could hear but the llamas heard loud and clear. I have a pet cockatiel and he goes crazy when I sing. I’m sure I could break a wine glass too, but I’ve never tried. It’s something I’m saving up for when I really need to liven up a dinner party.” This month Westenra, who lives in London, can be heard performing the title music to ITV’s Rugby World Cup coverage. Westenra’s new album, Paradiso, is out now.

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