New Zealanders’ Screen Time Skyrocketing

New Zealanders now spend close to half a standard working week (18 hours) getting their digital fix online, according to findings of this year’s Nielsen Connected Consumer Report 2018. “Accessing the internet from a mobile device is now well and truly commonplace for nearly 8 in 10 online Kiwis. Tony Boyte, Director, Nielsen Media outlines three considerations for marketers when reaching these smartphone savvy consumers today.

“With the increasing availability of information online, consumers could be physically less likely to go out of their way to seek out detail on the products and services they want,” writes Boyte. Therefore it’s important for brands to arm “consumers with as much information as possible via the small screen.”

Relevance of information and understanding context is also important, according to Boyte.

“Capturing consumers with the right message at the right time, and even at the right location, is key to capturing attention via devices used on the go.”

“While some people may exclusively use a mobile device to access the internet, one third of the online population (33%) use three or more devices to access the internet each week.”

“Marketers should aim to provide consumers with one consistent omnichannel experience.”

The report also found that people are online via their phones longer (up to over nine hours/week for the average person).

Article Source: Nielsen, Tony Boyte, June 8, 2018

Image Source: Wikipedia

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