Lessons in Transeasonal Dressing By Maggie Hewitt

Maggie Hewitt, the Auckland-based designer behind the “liveable luxury” label Maggie Marilyn, talks Vogue Australia through her brand’s fresh take on transeasonal dressing.

Hewitt, 23, says she thinks her line is unique because: “[There is a] sense of lightness and optimism in the colour palette and the feel of every piece is important in making updated classics feel modern and fresh.

“Designing everyday pieces that our girl can wear all year round is so important,” Hewitt says regarding the change of seasons. “The perfect shirt dress you can wear over jeans for cooler days or on its own when the warm sun is shining. Or the perfect silk slip dress you can layer under a merino knit sweater. Every single piece is designed to be layered up or pared back.

“I think good shirting is the ultimate staple for every girl’s wardrobe. Having a great selection of shirt you can wear all year around is key. Layer with a coat or blazer in the cooler months, our Revolution and You Can Change the World shirts are great for this, or pair with a great pair of vintage jeans for warm summer days.”

Hewitt graduated top of her class at Whitecliffe College and launched her own label Maggie Marilyn on Net-a-Porter in September 2016.

Original article by Victoria Gore, Vogue, September 13, 2017.

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