Erakah’s Story of Musical Success

Born in Fiji, Erakah spent part of her early years in the country before being adopted by a family in New Zealand. Over there she discovered she had a talent for singing resulting in the release of an album. Erakah talks with the Fiji Times about her homeland, and her latest LP.

“My [first] album Organised Chaos won me Best Female Pacific Artist at the 2015 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards. I’m currently writing another album.” Erakah says. “[Organised Chaos] features The Levites Session Band, Uptown Suite, Mikey Mayz & Thabani Gapara.”

She says: “I was adopted out of Fiji but have kept close ties with my family and amazingly my adoptive family already lived in Fiji so it’s always been home. My heart belongs in Fiji and [I] only want the very best for our people.”

When Erakah is not making music, she heads to the beach.

“I love being out in the sun and on the sand hanging with friends and drinking good coffee. But to really get me rejuvenated, as cheesy as it sounds, I like to help others. I love encouraging young women through the arts. There’s something about giving outside of yourself and seeing smiles on other people faces that gives me a real boost.”

Original article by Matilda Simmons, The Fiji Times, February 12, 2017.

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