Doughnut Maker Adam Wills a Trailblazer in UK

Artisanal doughnut and coffee chain Crosstown Doughnuts, co-founded by New Zealander Adam Wills, is at the forefront of the decadent craze in London.

Now with seven locations throughout England’s capital city, Crosstown started life as a stall on Leather Lane in 2014, and specialises in hand-crafted sourdough doughnuts covered in playful, fresh, unusual and indulgent toppings.

“I think the doughnut craze really led on from the cupcake craze, which in turn started about ten years ago,” says Wills, who was also the brains behind Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

“We noticed how popular cupcakes had become; in America, they’ve historically paired coffee and doughnuts together but at the time you couldn’t find anywhere that sold really great coffee and really great, fresh doughnuts in London, so we stepped in,” he says. “One of our most popular flavours is our salt caramel with banana cream doughnut on a chocolate sourdough. It’s been flying off the shelves ever since we launched.

“Another reason gourmet doughnuts have really taken off lately is that the product offers a huge amount of scope to celebrate various occasions and be playful. You really can do anything with doughnuts, you can be flexible and seasonal, and it gives owners the opportunity to change a menu regularly and keep things interesting.”

Original article by Hilary Mitchell, iNews, March 23, 2018.

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