Destination Tauranga for Surreal Kayak Adventures

“In New Zealand, there are many places to see glowworms and also many places to paddle a kayak. These two experiences, already lovely on their own, merge for a surreal adventure in Tauranga,” Straits Times journalist Andy Ng writes.

“My four-day tour of Napier and the Bay of Plenty on the northern coast of North Island is rich in such outdoor pleasures – and also art and myth,” Ng reports.

“It is dusk and there is a slight autumn breeze when I start my kayak journey to another realm to see elves and fairies dance among the infinite lights of glowworms.

“They are located in the narrow, high-sided canyon at the top of Lake McLaren in Tauranga – I can already imagine the tranquil scene, though my clumsy paddling makes loud splashes.

“Along the way, I learn that glowworms are insect larvae that glow through bioluminescence to attract their prey. They spin sticky webs, just like spiders, and emit a blue-green light. Fun fact: The hungrier the glowworms are, the brighter they shine.”

Original article by Andy Ng, The Straits Times, September 23, 2017.

Photo by Tourism New Zealand.

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