Danielle Cormack Sees Kenya’s Drought Firsthand

Danielle Cormack, the New Zealand-born actress well known for her on-screen roles in Australian television shows Wentworth, Rake and Deep Water, has spoken of her first-hand experience of the devastating impact of climate change in drought-affected Kenya.

In Kenya as an ambassador for ChildFund New Zealand and Australia, Cormack, 46, is touring to areas both benefiting from community projects and those “at the centre of the food crisis.”

The actress revealed the dire conditions and how she felt compelled to help those affected by it.

“The drought is affecting the health and livelihoods of so many, especially children and feeding mothers,” Cormack said.

“I’m here to see first hand the work they are doing with the communities to implement more sustainable living and to eliminate the causes of child poverty,” she told the Daily Mail.

This year, Cormack has returned to Shortland Street in the recurring role as Alison Raynor.

Original article by Brooke Rolfe, Daily Mail, August 1, 2017.

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