Amber Doig Appointed Head Chef at The Butler

New Zealand-born chef Amber Doig has taken the reins of Sydney’s Potts Point venue, The Butler.

According to Australia’s Hospitality magazine, “Doig began her career under the watch of Sydney chefs James Viles and Vanessa Martin before travelling to New York to work with chef Alex Stupak at the Empellon restaurant group.

“During her time in New York, Doig learnt more about Mexican/Ibero-American cuisine, which is now front and centre on The Butler’s new menu.

“Dishes include kingfish crudo with jalapeno and cucumber; achiote chicken with beluga lentils, pickled red onions and aji amarillo; and lamb shoulder slow-cooked in banana leaf with adobo, green olives and coriander.”

Doig is originally from Christchurch.

Original article by Acloros, Hospitality magazine, July 19, 2017.

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