Adrian Ramsay: Making Your Dream Home A Reality

“The idea of the dream home is something we all have. But what most of us don’t is someone to realise it for us. Consider then the genius mind of Adrian Ramsay, who prides himself on making your dreams come true”. Australian opinion site The Big Smoke reports. “The joy is in designing for somebody opposed to just designing for my own self-expression, it is in the meeting of someone’s needs and turning those needs into so much more, turning them into magic,” said Ramsay.

When asked about challenges of his job, Ramsay told The Big Smoke in a November interview that the key challenge was “the synchronising of budget and expectation”, which is why he “created a process I call “Design Magic” to get myself and the client on the same page, both responsible for the outcomes.”

“Communication is key and I work hard to get it right, and I am selective about the clients we work with. There has to be a fit or it is no fun. And no fun equals no magic. The concept is to be inspired and to learn. Every year, I take a specific learning tour. There are a couple of places I go to regularly, as the lifestyle and climate are similar, as well as building costs,” he said.

Adrian’s “designs evolve from an in-depth understanding of his clients’ lifestyle, tastes and aspirations. He is adamant that the closer the relationship with a client the more enjoyable the project and the more magic is created.” Customer Service is important to him and is a skill he recently has won the Best of Houzz 2018 Award for – for the fourth time.

“Not surprisingly, he often discovers that his clients’ dreams exceed their perceived budgets. Fortunately, his creative expertise and experience extends to reconciling of the two. This is where innovation in design and commitment to his “Design Magic” process can integrate their dreams with the budget to achieve their ultimate home,” reports the article.

“Adrian is a creative powerhouse who has gained global recognition as a high level creative talent,” reports the article.

He has always been interested in design, building, creating and the analytics of how things work and as a child, his favourite way to pass time was to make cardboard models of buildings from memory or from descriptions from others.

“He first applied his unique talent with international success in the fashion industry” including his work “as the design director for New Zealand’s number 1 swimwear label; Moontide.” “From here he travelled to work in London and the USA, building the knowledge of the analytics behind design.”  After working for Canterbury International as Head of Design, Adrian discovered another way to use his talents while designing houses in New Zealand and Europe for friends.

“Realising an untapped passion within him to be able to design not only structures, but homes that manage people’s needs, wants and desires,” Adrian formalised his own company Adrian Ramsay Design House in 2007.  Since then he has designed over 100 dream homes in Australia, New Zealand, England, France and India with projects ranging from $20,000 to $2,000,000.

Article Source: The Big Smoke, December 18, 2017

Image Source: Youtube

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